5 Old Problems with New Construction Technology Solutions

The construction business was neither ever easy nor it can be in the future. But some of the problems experienced earlier can be resolved by using some of the latest construction technologies. 

In this write-up, we are going to discuss some of the old problems in the construction industry and their solution with new technologies.

Some of the common old problems in the construction industry may include safety at the construction site, shortage of skilled labor, failure of new technologies, unrealistic expectations of the owners, and tight margins.

Safety at the job site

According to various reports thousands of construction crews are either injured or killed at construction sites every year. The risk of these accidents can increase at night. For controlling traffic in the daytime construction cones are used for long but for ensuring safety at night you will have to use some latest technology.

Today wearables can be used to control the incidents of trips, falls, and slips. The need for boots on the ground can be reduced by using virtual reality. 

The technique of augmented reality can be used to find out dangerous situations before the occurrence of an accident. All of these technologies can reduce and manage the risk at the job site by identifying and analyzing the dangers before their occurrence.

Shortage of skilled labor

Since the Great Recession it was never easy to find skilled labor for any industry including the construction industry. 

This problem can be resolved to some extent by using the latest technologies like mobile technologies. They can make things attractive for young and fresh talents along with reducing the need for skilled labor. 

By using a cloud-based management system for construction documents can reduce the need for skilled professionals for administrative works. The use of smart technologies like robots, prefabrication, and drones can reduce the need for skilled labor to a considerable level.

Failure of new construction technology

New technologies are not used at present only as they are used for a long. However, their success and failure depend on circumstances. Someone might have replaced stones with wood to construct a house for the first time but it failed due to the rotting of wood in the soil. 

Similarly, there had been several new technologies used in the construction industry that might have failed with time.

This old problem can be resolved by planning a solution and implementing it properly. The main reason for the failure of new construction technologies is to implement them without considering the strategies to be used and their impact on the construction procedures. 

This problem can be avoided by planning the technology and implementing it in phases. For instance, by using the right tools for the management of documents you can ensure the visibility of the documents you may need to make smart decisions about using the right technology for a construction project.

Unrealistic expectations of the owner

Most of the owners of construction projects build castles in the air but they usually forget to consider realities that they may have to face while constructing the building.

This problem can be resolved by making the owners understand the realities of the construction industry. They should not expect enormous profits from a project. 

To resolve this problem, owners should use virtual reality and modelling software to help them to know what margin they can reasonably expect from a project. They can also use a cloud-based management system for construction documents to improve the visibility of those documents to understand the potential of their project as compared to their budget. 

They can improve their profits by using technologies like robotic stations, prefabrication, and effortless communication techniques, etc.

Tight Margins

Usually the margin of construction companies is not very high and due to increasing competition in the market, continuous productivity, and increase in the level of responsibilities their margins are declining day-by-day. 

According to various reports, on large construction projects, nearly 60% of labor time is wasted while waiting for equipment, materials, or finishing of the previous tasks, etc., illegal breaks, standing to talk about the ways to do the work and traveling, etc. All these things can make their margin tighter.

This problem can be resolved by using a cloud-based system of document management which can help in improving the efficiency of the workforce, coordinating the deliveries of prefabrication and materials to reduce the wastage of labor hours and improve the margins.

In this way, new construction technologies can be used to resolve old problems of this industry.

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