The healthcare industry is one of the largest and gratifying industries worldwide. With the rise in the global population, demand for competent healthcare professionals is growing now more than ever. Healthcare professionals are responsible for positively impacting people’s lives by providing them with high-quality care. Individuals who wish to help people in need and at the same time want to earn potential income must pursue a career in this field.

Today, the healthcare sector has a wide variety of options for students with different interests and qualifications. No matter which career path an individual decides to pursue, one thing is for sure, the field offers excellent job satisfaction and numerous opportunities. Below is the list of some highest-paying career options for healthcare professionals:


Similar to business organizations, today, the healthcare industry also requires professionals to streamline operations. These professionals ensure that all facets of the healthcare facility operate smoothly and effectively. Although healthcare administrators do not directly relate to patients, they make sure that patients receive optimum care. On any given day, their typical job responsibilities include:

  • Create budgets and oversee financial operations
  • Maintain patient history and medical records up to date
  • Prepare policies and regulations and ensure employees comply with them
  • Conduct interviews and recruit new employees
  • Initiate training programs for medical staff members
  • Cater to employee needs and resolve conflicts

Students with sound business knowledge and enthusiasm to join this field can choose to become healthcare administrators. A bachelor’s degree is a must-have to step foot in the healthcare sector. After completing an undergraduate degree, students should earn a master’s degree to advance in their careers. Although several online healthcare degrees exist; however a master’s in health administration makes the individual eligible for the healthcare administrator role. Students can expect an average salary of $100,980 each year.

Surgeons are responsible for operating patients to treat their medical issues, such as fixing bones, tissues, any other organ deformities. They usually work long hours in hospital settings to perform different surgeries. However, they might also spend some time at the office to explain operation procedures to patient and their families. The day-to-day job duties of surgeons include:

  • Conduct test and diagnose whether the patient needs surgery
  • Analyze patients’ medical records and suggest the best treatment plan accordingly
  • Counsel patient on risks involved in the surgical procedure
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest surgical techniques and research

Students must earn a bachelor’s degree to start their career as surgeons; however, a doctoral degree can help them practice professionally. According to BLS, surgeons’ average salary is $100 per hour, and the employment rate will grow by 4% from 2019 to 2029.

Individuals passionate about chemistry and medicines must opt for this career. Pharmacists are responsible for preparing and dispensing medications to patients. These professionals can find a job in hospitals, physician clinics, retail or grocery stores. Some of the primary job responsibilities of pharmacists are:

  • Prepare drugs or medications as prescribed by physicians
  • Dispense prepared medications by labeling pharmaceutical
  • Provide immunization and carry out health screenings
  • Inform patients and health professionals of any side effects of the medications

Students can start a career in this field by earning a doctoral degree (Pharm.D) and licensure. According to BLS, the median income of a pharmacist is $128,090.

Oral hygiene and oral healthcare play a crucial role in improving overall health, no denying that. Due to this fact, the demand for dentists never declines. Be it preventive dental health, tooth problem, or a cavity issue. Dentists offer services that boost people’s confidence and improve their facial appearance. These professionals can work in various work settings such as hospitals, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or may practice in private clinics. Some of the everyday job responsibilities are:

  • Educate patients about safe dental practices
  • Provide oral treatment, perform dental surgery, and operate overcrowding problems
  • Prescribe medicine and antibiotic drugs for toothache
  • Evaluate laboratory tests of teeth and give treatment plans

The journey of becoming a dentist starts by obtaining a bachelor’s degree. After this, students must necessarily pass a dental admission test to move further ahead in their careers. The next step is to acquire a dental degree and license certificate to practice in the respective states. Also, according to BLS, the median salary of a dentist per year is $ 159,200.

Occupation therapists help injured, ill, or disabled patients recover their health and continue living the best life. These therapists can work with all age groups starting from infants to adults. They can work in various settings, including mental health centers, educational institutions, hospitals, or rehabilitation centers. The typical job responsibilities of an occupational therapist are:

  • Conduct a physical and psychological test of their patients to analyze their health
  • Develop treatment plans and counsel patient and family members about the plan
  • Train patients on how to use special equipment such as a wheelchair
  • Record patients’ activities and performance during and after the treatment

Individuals must acquire a minimum of a master’s degree from an accredited institution and a license to pursue a career in this field. Occupation therapists earn on average of about $84,950 per year as per BLS.


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the healthcare professions will grow by 15% by 2029. It is exciting news for all the upcoming graduates and those who wish to become a part of this rewarding career. It doesn’t matter if individuals opt for a clinical or non-clinical role. All healthcare professionals positively impact patients’ lives and improve health standards, one way or another.

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