5 Landscaping Tips and Tricks for Homeowners

Are you interested in improving your outdoor space, but don’t want to end up with a high-maintenance lawn? You’re not alone. Research shows that 80% of homeowners say that when they do outdoor landscaping, keeping their project low-maintenance is their first concern.

Getting a gorgeous lawn doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve put together our best landscaping tips and tricks to get you started on your outdoor improvement journey. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Think Small

Residential landscaping can seem intimidating at first. However, working with plants takes time, and there’s no way to create the perfect landscaping design overnight. 

Start small with your home landscaping project. Instead of overhauling your entire property, why not start with one corner of the yard? Small changes make a big difference — and they won’t exhaust your time or budget. 

2. Focus on Your Lawn

If your lawn looks bad, nothing else will look good.

Patchy, faded, or weedy grass ruins your house’s curb appeal. The good news: giving your lawn a boost will immediately improve your landscaping.

If you’re struggling to keep your lawn looking presentable, don’t be afraid to get professional help. The experts at Allen Outdoor Solutions will help you get the lawn you need. 

3. Go For a Lawn Alternative 

When it comes to landscaping for homes in a hot or dry climate, keeping your grass watered can be a challenge. You might even run into water shortages, leaving you with a brown, wilted lawn.

Think outside of the box with an alternative to grass lawns like pebbles, mulch, or xeriscaping. Non-grass yards can be just as attractive as traditional ones and reduce your environmental footprint as well. Best of all, there’s no mowing involved. 

4. Pick Your Plants Carefully

Spectacular-looking shrubs may be nice, but low-maintenance plants are easier to enjoy. 

To keep your landscaping project easy to maintain, select plants known for their easy upkeep, including:

  • Wooly thyme (a great walkway filler)
  • Blue spruce (perfect as a shrub)
  • Dogwood (pretty white flowers)
  • Verbena (tall, colorful starbursts)

With all the beginner-friendly plant options out there, you don’t have to sacrifice visual effects to keep it practical. 

5. Keep Your Budget Realistic

Like any home renovation project, home landscaping needs a realistic budget. If you start your landscaping transformation without thinking about the costs you could end up with a half-finished landscape that won’t impress anyone.

Keep your budget realistic by adding up your expected costs and then increasing them by 15-20%. This gives you a financial buffer to cover unexpected costs.

Landscaping Tips and Tricks for a Gorgeous Yard

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a beautifully landscaped yard and knowing that it belongs to you.

With these landscaping tips and tricks, you’ll be able to start your home landscaping project with confidence. Now get out there and get growing!

We hope that these tips helped you! Are you interested in more great landscaping ideas? Then check out the rest of our blog, where you’ll find more ideas and insights. 

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