5 Interior Signs of Roof Damage You Must Watch for

With the average cost of a new roof being around $8000, it’s important to take care of the one you have — or the one you just got!

It might seem like an impossible task. People rarely look at the roof of their house, because who climbs up there to keep an eye on things? It’s easy to assume everything is fine along as the house isn’t crashing down around you.

As it happens, there are interior signs of roof damage you can keep an eye out for. Always be alert and if you spot any of these signs, it’s time to get a professional to take a look. 

1. Energy Bills Getting Higher

One of the signs of roof damage that people don’t think about is climbing energy bills. If your heating bill is suddenly very high, you might wonder why that is.

It could be because the house is expending more energy to heat it if there are open cracks in the roof. They might be letting more cold weather in, forcing the heating to work harder and costing you more money as a result. 

2. Water Puddles

Have you noticed inexplicable water puddles in the attic? Perhaps even in the room below?

Don’t dismiss it as a one-off. Even though you might not be able to see the cracks, this is almost a sure sign of roof damage. Tiny cracks could be letting in water, and this is a health hazard — what if you slip?

3. Mold

If puddles haven’t quite formed on the floor, you might notice mold as the dampness in the ceiling gets to be too much.

Many times, this happens to people and they wonder where it could possibly be coming from, but the roof is always the first place you should check — and the most likely place!

4. Light in the Attic

If you suspect storm roof damage or any other type, it’s time to go up into the attic, at night if possible. Switch of all of the lights. 

It should be dark in there. If it’s not, and there’s a light source from somewhere, it’s likely getting through the roof. This is a great way to tell if there’s damage and if there is, you should call reputable roofers immediately, such as American Construction & Roofing LLC who can conduct a proper inspection. 

5. Paint Peeling

The last potential sign is paint peeling.

If the water damage is only just starting, paint peeling off the ceiling and walls in the same general area might be your first clue — and by spotting it, you can act fast. 

Look Out for These Interior Signs of Roof Damage and Take Action

You don’t need to be on top of your house to keep an eye on the roof. By looking out for these interior signs of roof damage, you can take care of the outside of your home from the inside.

If you think there might be roof damage, call a professional for an inspection right away.

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