5 Incredibly Sexy Gifts for your Girlfriend

Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or just because you want to give her something special, giving your girlfriend an adult gift is something that will be lots of fun for both of you. Picking out the right gift, though, can be a bit challenging. Luckily, there are plenty of adult gifts that can make your next special occasion together even more special. Here are five incredibly sexy gift ideas for your girlfriend that are sure to turn up the heat for both of you.

Ultra-sexy Lingerie

In the bedroom, there are few things that will get your girlfriend more aroused than feeling sexy to you. If you want to give her that experience, try to find some ultra-sexy lingerie that’s sure to make her feel confident in herself. Don’t be afraid to go a little over the top, since the whole goal is to buy her something she might not normally get for herself. Also be careful to get the sizing right, since the proper fit is very important when it comes to exotic lingerie.

Heels for the Bedroom

Like lingerie, a pair of super sexy heels can make your girlfriend look and feel sexy and boost her confidence in the bedroom. If you’re buying heels for this purpose, get something that’s just for your special time together. These heels don’t have to be practical for everyday wear, but they should fit her right and be at least reasonably comfortable. Try to get something in her favorite color or that matches her favorite bedroom attire. If you really want to be extravagant, you can even get her heels with lingerie to match.

Light Bondage Gear

If you and your girlfriend have ever discussed experimenting in the bedroom, some light bondage gear to get things started can be a very fun and sexy gift for her. Needless to say, you should start small. Think cuffs, a blindfold or perhaps a small gag. If you both decide you enjoy some fetish play, you can work your way up from there. This gift idea won’t be perfect for every couple, but it can crank things up a lot if you both have an adventurous streak and have thought about trying new things before. If you haven’t talked about introducing some light bondage play but think she might be interested, make sure you broach the subject before buying any gear as a gift.

A Discreet Vibrator

One of the most fun and pleasurable toys for your girlfriend is a discreet, form-fitting vibrator that’s made to be concealed in her panties. These days, this kind of vibrator can be very small, and some models can even be controlled with smartphone apps. With one of these toys, your girlfriend will be able to have some sexy fun whenever and wherever she wants. To find one, you’ll need to go to a specialty adult shop. These vibrators cost a bit of money, but it will be well worth it for the hours of pleasure your girlfriend can have with one. For added fun, you can even take turns controlling the vibrator through the app!

Tingling Lubricant

Last but certainly not least on the list of options is a bottle of specialty tingling lubricant. With a bit of extra tingle, she can enjoy her time with you or using one of her toys even more than ever. Most women love the feeling of tingling lubricant and find themselves getting more aroused when using it. The tingling lubricant also makes a great add-on to any other gift on this list. By pairing this type of lubricant with another sexy gift or two, you can create your own unique gift package to give her the thrill of her life.

Giving your girlfriend an adult gift is one of the best ways to show her you love her and help both of you have a great time in the bedroom. Whatever items you select, be sure to take her tastes and turn-ons into account. The point is to give her something that will arouse her and maximize her sensual pleasure. With a bit of consideration, you can find her the perfect sexy gift for that special occasion.

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