5 Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Fire safety knowledge is one of the most important things a person can have. It is also something that, until you need to use it, you don’t tend to think too much about. But fire safety training is an essential skill that everyone from teachers to employers to parents should have.

In the US, there are over 1 million fires each year. This alone highlights the need for fire safety training.

Even if you haven’t taken a full course in the subject, there are still some basic fire safety tips that it’s important for everyone to know. After all, this knowledge could potentially save a life one day.

That’s why below we’ve compiled all the most need-to-know fire safety information into five quick and easy points.

1. Be Fire Smart

While fires can happen for a myriad of reasons, you certainly don’t want to be the inadvertent cause of one. Never leave a flame unattended, no matter how small it is. Don’t leave appliances plugged in when you’re not using them, and be careful when cooking: this is when the majority of fires begin.

2. Have an Evacuation Plan in Place

In most places of employment or education, it is policy to have fire evacuation plans in place. This is not the case in private residences—but it should be. Private homes, just like public spaces, should always have a clear plan on what to do in the event of a disaster such as a fire.

A fire in the home can be a scary and anxiety-inducing time but knowing exactly what you should be doing throughout it all will help ensure you get out in a quick and safe manner.

3. Invest in Fire Safety Equipment

In the case of a fire, having the proper equipment can be the difference between life and death. This does not only mean fire alarms. Fire extinguishers and a good quality fire blanket are essential, as well.

There are different types of fire extinguishers for different types of fires, so make sure you make yourself aware of the correct ones to use in the various situations that may arise.

4. Regularly Check Smoke Alarms

On the subject of fire safety equipment, if you do make the wise decision to invest in it, you must ensure it’s working. Otherwise, it will be of little use to you in case of an emergency. Make sure to perform inspections to check and change the batteries in your smoke alarms on a regular basis.

5. Know the Proper Procedure

Although it’s not a pleasant thought, if you ever do find yourself trapped inside with a fire, there are some tips that you should know.

  • Don’t try to take anything with you
  • Stay low to the ground
  • Place a damp rag over your airways

And if you do catch on fire remember: stop drop, and roll.

Don’t Forget These Fire Safety Tips

Hopefully, these fire safety tips will never be of use to you, but they’re important to remember, as one day they could save a life. If you’ve found this safety content useful, be sure to have a look at the rest of our health and safety guides.

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