5 Electrical Problems Homeowners May Experience

Buying a home is one of the most exciting moments of your life. However, many new homeowners find out quickly that their home’s electrical system is more complicated than they imagined.

Do you know what to do in case of electrical issues? Anything can happen at home, from power outages to electrical sparks from damaged wires.

If you want to learn more, keep reading to find five of the most common electrical problems a new homeowner might experience—plus, what to do about them.

1. Flickering Lights

Why are your lights flickering on and off? This can be scary, so you want to find out why it’s happening right away.

First, ask your neighbors—if they’re experiencing the same thing, this is probably due to a power surge or an issue with your electricity company. However, if it’s only happening at your house, this could be due to issues with your wiring or too much demand on your electrical system.

2. Tripped Circuits

Out of nowhere, the power has gone off. If you’re not expecting an outage, your first point of call should be to check your home’s circuit breaker.

Sometimes, using too many high-wattage appliances at once can cause the circuit breaker to trip. Try resetting it and you should see the power come back on.

However, if it doesn’t, you might have more serious problems. Hiring an electrician can be helpful, since they can come out, inspect your circuit breaker, and diagnose the problem.

3. Power Outages

If your power outage isn’t caused by a circuit breaker, there are a number of other causes.

Power outages can be caused by storms, car accidents, or planned maintenance. Don’t worry too much though, as power outages are one of the most common electrical issues.

Give your power company a call and they can explain what’s going on.

4. Expensive Power Bills

Have your power bills suddenly skyrocketed? It’s something no one wants to experience, especially if you’re not sure why.

High power bills can be experienced in very hot or cold weather, since you’re using your HVAC system more often. However, it can also be caused by an appliance malfunctioning or errors with your power meter reading.

For reference, the average cost of electricity in the US is around $110.76 per month.

5. Loose Outlets

Sometimes, you’ll reach down to plug something in and notice that the electrical outlet feels loose. Although this can be concerning, it’s actually one of the easiest electrical issues to solve.

In most cases, you can simply tighten the screws with a screwdriver so it’s securely attached to the wall again.

Watch Out for These Common Electrical Problems

If you’re a new homeowner, watch out for these common electrical problems. Some are easy to fix, but others are more complex, so always call an electrician if you’re unsure.

Always take extreme caution when handling electrical systems and wires, as injury can happen easily. However, if you’re careful and know what to do in case of a problem, you can keep your home’s power system working perfectly for years to come.

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