5 Cybersecurity Trends Of 2021 You Need To Be Aware Of

You might probably need a little over five minutes to go through this entire article. But in those five minutes, technology would have evolved by leaps and bounds. What I am trying to say is that the field of digital and technology is an ever-evolving ecosystem. 

Given this highly radical character of technology, every new opportunity or advancement is accompanied by a threat or a challenge. Cybersecurity is slowly becoming a watchword in business circles. 

With the pandemic playing a critical role in accelerating digital transformation, organizations must be always on top of their game. This includes knowing about the future trends of cybersecurity for businesses. 

In this article, we discuss the top five cybersecurity trends of 2021. However, before we get to the list, let us first look at why paying attention to cybersecurity is important for businesses. 

The Importance of Cybersecurity in 2021: What you need to know

Just to give you some perspective, I would like to begin with some facts and numbers- 

  • 90% of all cyberattacks were directed to just three sectors or industries- Tech, Retail, and Governmental Departments. 
  • One Cyberattack is committed every 39 seconds in the world by cybercriminals using sophisticated strategies. 
  • Nearly 50% of all cyberattacks target small businesses because they do not have adequate security infrastructure in place. 

Cyberattacks in 2020 cost the business community a cumulative sum of more than 5 Trillion Dollars. From financial losses to shutting down businesses entirely, cyberattacks demand cohesive action from organizations. 

It should be pointed out that the COVID-19 Pandemic has increased the ratio and percentage of cyberattacks. With businesses shifting to a WFH model, many security compromises have been made. 

List of 5 Cybersecurity Trends of 2021 you need to be aware of

  1. Certificate Management- 

With Digital Certificates and PKI becoming one of the best strategies in ensuring cybersecurity, a certificate management tool is becoming a necessity for businesses. There is no doubt that better certificate management is one of the top trends in cybersecurity in 2021. Working with numerous certificates, authorities and keys can always become a complicated affair. 

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)- 

The connected world through smart technology might be helpful and beneficial. However, there is no denying the fact that it has added to the list of digital touchpoints that need to be protected. Software bugs in connected devices have the potential to spread across your network and gain vital access to information. This can then be used against you in multiple ways. 

  1. Cloud Storage Solutions- 

The world is moving to cloud solutions because of the numerous benefits they provide. While the list of advantages is long, it also means that proper security protocols need to be in place to ensure optimum use without exposure to cyberattacks and dangers. Hence, access to the cloud must be made accountable and other details are considered before giving access. 

  1. Data Management- 

If data is the new oil, it automatically means that just like there have been numerous wars because of oil, the same can take place for data. Many cyberattacks, especially the ones in the governmental sectors are done with the primary intention of stealing data. Many ecommerce platforms are also made victims of attacks simply because of data breaches and leaks. 

  1. Cyber Warfare- 

Yes, you read that right. When it comes to modern warfare, defense experts point out how cyber warfare is the new normal for countries and rogue attacks. We have often heard how countries like North Korea, China, and Iran boast of some of the most sophisticated cybercriminals in the world. Cyberwarfare is going to define the next decade of our existence. 

The Bottom Line

In addition to the above five trends, Artificial Intelligence or AI is also one of the trends that are going to dominate cybersecurity in 2021. Many also point out that the nature of attacks, especially targeted ransomware attacks are going to peak in 2021. By paying attention o these trends, businesses and individuals can hope to prepare adequately to guard against the same. 

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