5 budget friendly corporate gift items using lab grown diamonds

We all have been in situations where we had to think of gifts for out office colleagues or boss. It is a difficult task keeping in mind the professional nature of relationship shared in a corporate setting. Some co-workers are more important than others and in order to maintain good relations, you really need to think of worthy gifts for them. If you have never considered something with lab grown diamonds, then you really should. Here’s why:

  • Lab grown diamonds are way cheaper than organic diamonds.
  • Items using them look classy and impressive.
  • There are many options in gifts using lab grown diamonds

Here are a list of 5 gift items that you can consider for your office mates and that will also be easy on the pocket. Also if you’re really close to someone in your office setting, you could consider gifting those Lab grown diamond Rings. For other casual members, these are the options.

  1. Diamond studded pen

What’s an office gift without stationery items? There are amazing diamond studded pens available in the market. You can also have them custom made with either a single diamond on top or an array of diamonds on the pen clip. Both look equally stunning and will have you co-worker thank you a bunch of times for such a thoughtful, yet elegant gift.

You could consider gifting something to showcase on their desk. How about a diamond studded desk showpiece? It can either be a paper weight or some sort of a symbolic crystal with lab grown diamonds. If you know something they are fond of, then you could have the gift made that way by simply adding a few diamonds on top. You get these custom-made gifts at most jewellery stores too.

This is probably for people closer to you. Everyone needs mobile covers and the more attractive they are, the better they look. Also, this is a fairly adorable gift for girls in your office. If you know the model of their phone then get them a beautiful phone case studded with lab grown diamonds. You’ll have them swooning and drooling over that one for sure.

  • Professional-looking brooch

A formal attire matters in a corporate setting. So you can gift them something to adorn this attire further. How about a stunning sparkly brooch to go with their dress? Brooches can really upgrade your look. They are beautiful by their own self but adding a few studs can just make them look top-notch. Since brooches can be worn by both men and women, this makes a unisex gift. However, you might have to consider the design.

Keychains come very handy and in corporate setting is considered a decent and formal gift too. Upgrade it a little by embedding lab grown diamonds on the keychain; either on the pendant of the keychain or the chain itself. Either way it will definitely be a keeper and your co-worker will surely love it. The designs and the diamonds you choose will determine the price of these gifts, but the ones we have suggested are cost-effective and won’t have you spending bunches on them. If there is a female co-worker, you’re fond of, and thinking to propose, then hidden halo engagement rings are a wonderful idea. Some companies also offer travel packages to their employees to have a rejuvenating travel experience. You should check them out at branded stores for a variety of designs.

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