5 Best Selling Diesel Watches You Must Try

Diesel is a well-known jeans company along with other products such as footwear, clothes, and accessories. Its established name in the clothing world made a way to help it become popular in the watch industry. The Italian founder, Renzo Rosso, was very enthusiastic about producing his clothing line and began selling jeans in 1978. It became a famous brand of high-quality denim which earned success.

As Rosso’s company became successful, he expanded it by merging with other businesses. The history of Diesel timepieces started when it partnered with Fossil. The luxurious finish of this watch has been around and patronized by the masses. Its affordable price doesn’t compromise the extraordinary designs that make it look elegant. How about you? Do you want to experience this classy timepiece around your wrist? Keep reading to learn more about Diesel watches. 

Diesel’s Affordability and Exquisite Quality

Fossil, a famous watchmaker, manufactures Diesel watches. They collaborate to create some of the most inexpensive yet exceptional timepieces. Fossil produces highly dependable and precise quartz movement. The quartz movement has low maintenance, which lowers the overall cost of the watches, making the price affordable for everybody. Imagine the fact that you hit two benefits in one purchase of this wristwatch! 

If you get a glimpse of this extraordinary watch, you’ll see its defined designs make a statement. Indeed, it doesn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to own such a fabulous wristwatch. Diesel got what you are looking for. It is easy to repair, too, as you can have it fixed with every watchmaker or let them replace the battery. Fossil’s cost ranges from $100 to $300, thus employing the same price for Diesel. 

Best Selling Diesel Models

Diesel has produced some outstanding timepieces that are well-patronized by the general public. The business specializes in the production of men’s watches. Here are some of the most popular among Diesel watches for men.

Double Down DZ1437

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish design, then this one’s for you. It has:

  • An all-black design and is made from resin, plastic, and stainless steel 
  • Hour markers have large numerals and a black dial. 
  • The silicone band is hypoallergenic, so it is safe for your skin. 
  • Index markers are unique and shown at two, three, and four hours.

Its features show the ultra-modern design people are looking for in a watch. The only disadvantage is that it displays wear and tear quickly. Well, it will last longer with your proper care.

Little Daddy

The Little Daddy is not your typical timepiece as it screams luxury and masculine style. That’s why it always catches everyone’s attention.

  • Appealing manner because of its striking gold plating and huge face. 
  • Its monochromatic color scheme adds to the charm  
  • The date is displayed at position three, and the dual time display is shown at position nine. 
  • It costs about $130, which is very reasonable for the look you get.

On Hybrid

It is one of the exceptional Diesel timepieces that will connect to your watch. Technology has emerged well with this model!

  • It will notify you if there is an incoming call or text message.
  • It lets you stay on track and communicate with friends and loved ones. 
  • You can also get it to integrate with health-related apps to help you reach your fitness goals. 
  • It has a long-lasting battery that can last up to six months. 
  • The four different colors are fantastic because you can match them to your personal style.

Mega Chief DZ4323

The Mega Chief DZ4323 would make an excellent gift for firefighters, police officers, or military personnel. 

  • It was distinguished by its iridescent crystal front, which transitions from red to blue at various angles. 
  • It costs $138, but the watch itself is robust and long-lasting. 
  • It has a 59mmx51mm stainless steel case with a 
  • Black dial with fixed stainless steel bezel 
  • It has scratch-resistant iridescent mineral crystals.
  • Water-resistant to 330 feet/100 meters, making it ideal for diving and other water sports.

SBA DZ7127 

This model fits very well with people who constantly travel, as you can see several time zones.

  • The price is $300, and you’ll love its versatility.
  • It is an ideal travel companion for the regular traveler. 
  • This model has a digital monitor, three-hand displays, and a chronograph. 
  • Allows you to keep track of time in a variety of ways. When exposed to sunlight, the tint on it changes color.

Final Thoughts

Ramping your own style doesn’t need to be too expensive. Sometimes, all you need is a unique outlook and a great matching watch to go through. Diesel is an excellent option if you want to find that extraordinary yet very affordable timepiece. You can find them all here at The Watch Company. Look for the one that best fits you, and we’ll have it ready for you.

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