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5 Best Commodity Trading Strategies You Must Follow

Commodity trading, simply put is purchasing and selling top products like silver, oil, gold etc. through dematerialization. The prices of these commodities fluctuate all the time and traders try to make profits through these fluctuation.

So the basic idea is to purchase when the price is low and sell when the price gets high. But there is a lot to it and since the markets are almost always volatile, you will require tips and strategies on Best Commodities to Trade Today, if you want to make large profits.

Here are the top five strategies used by many traders worldwide to make the most out of the commodity market.

1. Understand the Market:

this is perhaps the most common yet overlooked strategy when it comes to new traders and investors. You will have to grasp the seasonality in commodity market to make the most out of your investment.

Once you understand the seasonality, you will be able to make better prediction on the prices of commodities. You have to realize that these commodities are real world items whose demand and supply depends on the season.

For instance, the price of grains and pulses usually follow a pattern throughout the year. You will also have to factor in unexpected external factors like heavy rainfall or cyclones that may play a role in the price fluctuation of certain crops.

2. Stay Focused:

Many new traders try to invest in too many commodities and lose money. While there are too many commodities available, you must focus on one commodity or one specific type or segment of commodities.

Focusing on one type of commodity helps you do research on the past treads. Then you will be able to understand how and when the price goes up or down.

3. Fundamental Assessment:

If you pick one specific commodity you will be able to study its origin and consumer base. This will help you realize the supply and demand of the commodity.

You will also have to assess the future demand of that commodity. With this assessment you will be able to buy the commodity is easily available and sell when the demand is high or scarcity in supply.

4. Scalping:

this strategy can make you small profits quickly. You will be able to make minor profits from small fluctuations in price of a commodity. You will have to sell the commodity before any loss can affect the profits. You try to make as many successful trades as possible instead of increasing the amount of profit from the trade.

5. Breakout Trading:

here you will have to make a move at the beginning of the market trend. If the value goes below the lower value of the range then you will enter short position.

These simple strategies will help you reduce the risks in trading and at the same time make better profits. With the best commodities to trade today you will increase your chances of making a substantial profit.

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