5 Baked Goods Recipes to Try this Year

Even if you’d never baked before, 2020 was the year to get started.

Some people just didn’t want to leave their house to get their sugar fix. Others were

going crazy with boredom or wanted to stress eat.

Whatever the reason, baking hit a popularity high during the pandemic, bringing us tons of amazing recipes now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a “seasoned” baker or just starting out. Give these baked goods recipes a try. You’ll be hooked!

The tried and true spice cookie your grandparents (or great grandparents) grew up on is a favorite again.

With this recipe from Taste of Home, you’ll be transported back in time with the smells, textures, and scents of a long-ago kitchen.

The best part is that when you’re done, you can load your family and friends up and

have a cookie decorating contest. The winner gets to eat as many as they want!

An accidental experiment that turned into a huge hit, this recipe found on Tasty is a decadent delight. If your goal is a chocolate cake unlike any your family or guests have had before, this is the recipe for you.

No, it doesn’t call for any blood in the ingredients list. Blood oranges are a variety of the

more common fruit that has a slightly different pigment makeup called anthocyanins.

This pigment changes the color of the orange to a crimson hue, giving it the “blood”


Adding olive oil instead of vegetable oil makes the cake healthier and gives it a richer flavor. From the cake to the glaze, you’ll find some odd individual ingredients. Don’t worry; they all combine into one really unique and delicious finished baked good!

The old way of cooking “pot brownies” has completely changed now that cannabis comes in all kinds of forms. Since CBD (cannabidiol) is legal without THC in it, you can get the health benefits of this ingredient without the psychoactive side effects.

Recipes using edible cannabis products are everywhere. You can decide if you want to

use the “pot” variety with THC if you’re legally allowed or stick with the CBD version.

Either way, this “pot brownie” recipe uses cannabutter as the main cannabis ingredient.

Cannabutter can be ordered online, or you can learn to make your own!

Learning how to bake the basic necessities, like bread, was a big thing during COVID. Sourdough is a good kind to start with if you’ve never attempted a homemade bread loaf. It’s also popular because of the health benefits.

Trying to use a recipe that teaches you how to bake bread can seem like you stepped into another world. Bread bakers have their own type of vocabulary that might make a newbie feel left out.

This beginner’s recipe on The Perfect Loaf walks you through everything you need to know to make bread. The lingo is totally new for a lot of people (what does leaven mean anyway?), but you’ll be a bakery pro in no time after reading this.

Another big trend last year was jumping on the Paleo train. As people fought to get their immune systems under control and prevent major illnesses, cooking changed. Healthy nutrition and diet programs like Paleo skyrocketed.

Paleo is popular because you can still eat a lot of the sweets you love but know aren’t good for you. They have to be tweaked a little through recipes like this chocolate chip cookie one from Ambitious Kitchen.

The trick is to use coconut and almond flour and a few other different ingredients. When you’re done, you end up with gluten-, dairy-, and grain-free, healthy indulgences!


Although most of us left 2020 behind and never wanted to look backward at it again, there were some good things it brought us. With so many people trying their hands at experimental baking, lots of new recipes are at your fingertips.

Try these five baked good recipes when you’re ready for something new. They’re simple, fun, and delicious. Share them with your friends and family or freeze them and keep every last morsel to yourself—we won’t tell!

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