5 Accessories You Must Have This Season

Accessories are essential fashion items as they elevate the look of any outfit. Accessories range from headwear to anklets, and trends exist for each of them. Meanwhile, this season, several older designs are trending but with contemporary influences. Accessory trends for men and women tend to be separate, but with the changing global perceptions of gender roles and stereotypes, more unisexual accessory trends are coming up. 

From statement polarised sunglasses to bucket hats and beanies, unisexual accessory styles are flooding the market. Additionally, these accessory trends pair well with most outfits depending on their tastes, allowing people with varying tastes to purchase according to the latest trends.

Accessories Trending Currently

Accessory trends don’t rely on apparel trends, but they do end up suiting them. The driving demographic for this season’s trends are the GEN-Z population globally, and the GEN-Z influencers on social media help make these trends global. So, here are five such trends:

  1. Phone Charms

The most notable trend this season is the phone charm. Phones have become such an intrinsic part of people’s lives that they are practically an extended appendage. With phones being constant companions to GEN-Z-ers, they have their accessories. 

Phone charms were always popular, but the recent trend includes some truly creative designs. Beads and bohemian vibes are some of the long-lasting trends that have been around for a while now, and phone charms with feathers, leather strings, shiny and textured beads, etc., with the chunky back covers, make for a fashionable phone.

  1. Bubble Rings

Bubble rings were a rage in the 80s and 90s and are back with several other trends and designs from that era. They are thick rings in bright colours and patterns that stick out from the fingers. They have no sharp edges and appear like a continuous blob. Meanwhile, the unique aspect of this ring is its various shapes and patterns, which usually come in bold colours or colour combinations. These rings are also very tactile, making them akin to fidget spinners, as people love the feeling of them on their skin.

  1. Bandana

Bandanas never went out of style, but they are more trendy today than before because of the introduction of newer bandana styles. The tube bandana took the world by storm a few years ago, adding to the ‘biker’ or ‘traveller’ vibe that was popular then. But with travel restrictions still in play globally, that trend seems to have lost momentum. Although, today’s bandanas are more retro or bohemian, and most people wear them to beaches, parks, etc., pairing them with casual outfits. Bandana-like headbands are also popular among women as they are less of a hassle.

  1. Mini Bag

The mini bag is a sling bag but of a small size. These bags are more popular among men than women as they also suit their apparel trends. And the bag cannot carry too many things as the space is limited, but they come in various patterns and designs, making them more of an accessory than a functional bag. These bags usually have long straps of metal chains or leather, and they come in contrasting colours to the bag itself.

  1. Statement Sunglasses

Earlier, tiny sunglasses were the trend, and they also were popular among GEN-Z-ers. But today, statement sunglasses are trending again. Statement polarized sunglasses are also a retro trend, while they are oversized and come in bold colours and patterns. 

As several trends today are retro, these sunglasses fit well with the overall fashion trends. Furthermore, several online stores advertise these statement sunglasses with different frames like tortoiseshell, metallic, plastic in bold colours, double-tone lenses, and more. Additionally, these statement sunglasses are ideal for any occasion and outfit, allowing people to pair them effortlessly.

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Last modified: September 14, 2021

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