4 Ways Science Has Made Life Easier

Science is an everyday part of our lives, although we may not always realise it. Much of the equipment we use we take for granted, and without considering how much easier life has been made through scientific innovation. Science extends beyond electronics, too. Our use of drugs for illnesses and even the way in which we consume food have all been changed through scientific research. Here are 4 ways science has made life easier.


Given how ubiquitous electronics are in our lives, it is easy to forget that there was a time not that long ago where there were very few electronics. Even mobile phones which play a part in the majority of people’s lives are a relatively new invention. Take the ability to work remotely: previously you would have to go to an office regardless because it would be unlikely you could afford a home computer or laptop to work with. With the internet and scientific innovation, cheaper materials and manufacturing methods have made electronics accessible to all.


Our diets have been affected enormously by scientific research. By looking at the way in which foods are made and processed, science has found healthier ways for us to eat. Food science also ensures that our food is of good quality. Without it, we could be still eating unhealthy diets without knowing that they are not good for us in the long term. Science has also helped to recognize the benefits of eating more organic foods, rather than mass produced food stuff which can be unethical and lead to health problems.


Exercise now plays a large part in many people’s lives. Science shows the benefits of exercising regularly, but also makes it easier. Instead of having to go running in the rain, you can have a treadmill in your home. It also gives a whole range of analytics available to the average person. Previously such information would only have been acquired by doctors, however electronic devices are able to give you heart readings and keep track of the amount of exercise you are doing.


The world of pharmaceutical products is an area where science excels. Finding new drugs to fight diseases which previously would have almost certainly meant death is mainly down to research and innovation by the scientific community. Take bubonic plague for example. In the Middle Ages it killed millions in Europe, but in the modern world, as long as it is caught on time it can easily be treated with antibiotics. The use of technology such as X-Ray Diffraction has been critical in testing drug efficacy, and its development has been down to science.

As science plays such a large role in our lives, it is easy to forget exactly what it has done to make our lives easier. The simple fact is, there are very few aspects of our lives which haven’t been affected by and made easier by scientific innovation and research. So, next time you’re sending an email while sitting on a bus or in your car, show a bit of appreciation for the scientists who have worked so hard to allow you to do so!

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