4 Signs You Need a New Pair of Glasses

It’s not unusual to have to keep a pair of glasses around to help with your vision. Studies have shown that more than half the people on the planet need glasses to help with their visual impairment. 

However, once you do have a pair of glasses it’s easy to form an attachment. You might have some reluctance to moving on and getting a new one. The time will come where your current pair will no longer do, however.

How do you know when it’s time to start considering buying new glasses? Read on and we’ll walk you through some of the major warning signs.

1. Frequent Headaches

Are you going through your day and starting to get headaches by the time the early afternoon rolls around? That might not be just your desire for some more caffeine.

You actually might be suffering due to the fact your current glasses prescription isn’t what you actually need at the moment. When your eyes and brain are forced to work overtime to make up for an old prescription, tensions result in the eye muscles.

It’s this tension itself that is often the cause of the headaches you might be experiencing. If you’re experiencing these kinds of headaches every time you put your glasses on, it might be time to look into visiting the eye doctor.

Even if you’re just experiencing a feeling of pressure behind your eyes as opposed to a full-on headache, it’s worth taking seriously. 

A new prescription and a new pair of glasses to match could help you get through the days without this kind of annoying intrusion.

2. Blurry or Double Vision

It may sound obvious, but if you’re having trouble seeing clearly through your glasses it’s probably because you’re actually in need of a new pair. 

If you’re having trouble seeing either close-up or at a distance, your lenses are no longer doing the job that they should. A new pair of glasses with one of these lenses or others should help do the trick. 

Progressive lenses, for example, can help an individual see things regardless of their distance from someone’s eyes. Often, new glasses will help clear up blurry vision issues, though you should always speak with a doctor and ensure some other problem isn’t the cause. 

If you’re seeing double when you look through your glasses, it’s a good indication that your eyes are not working together. Double vision is often referred to in the medical field as diplopia.

When your eyes are trying to process what is in front of you in different ways, that often results in a split image of sorts.

It might mean the prescription of one eye is no longer accurate. Getting a new prescription and a new pair of glasses should resolve this. However, if the cause of diplopia is not your glasses, more serious medical steps might need to be taken.

3. You Find Yourself Squinting

Some people get in the habit of squinting to see things better. This is especially true to those who are attempting to read the information on a screen such as their phone or tablet device.

Spending lots of time on these devices can easily strain someone’s vision. 

When you squint, you let a smaller amount of light into your eyes. Often, this results in a better sense of vision. Some people end up relying on squinting without even realizing they are.

It’s important to try to be conscious of what actions you’re taking to attempt to better your vision. Relying on squinting all of the time can actually help to make your vision worsen.

You really shouldn’t need to be squinting if you’re wearing glasses. It’s a sign that your current prescription isn’t really doing the trick.

4. Damaged Lenses or Frames 

Our glasses can take quite a meeting as the years go by. Most professionals would recommend that a person get a new pair of glasses every two years, but often we let time go by much longer than that.

As a result, the lenses and frames of the glasses that we wear can get quite damaged. This can do more damage than we think. Continuing to wear glasses with scratched lenses can actually end up producing eye strain and making our vision worse instead of better!

It’s important to be careful in taking care of glasses. Damage to glasses is all too easy to cause.

Your glasses provider probably has many specific instructions for cleaning and care, especially for the lenses. Lenses are often quite sensitive and can be scratched easily if someone isn’t all too careful.

Frames can also stretch and become far too loose. Once frames are too loose they might not fit on one’s head in the right way. This can be a struggle and sometimes can make it more difficult to see properly.

If you’re struggling through a broken or busted pair of glasses, it’s really time to go ahead and invest in a new one. 

Even if your current frames are in okay condition, you simply may no longer like the style and how they complement your appearance. In this scenario, you might decide that it is worth investing in a new pair of glasses as well.

Reasons for a New Pair of Glasses

If you’re suffering from one of many common vision problems, the issue might actually have to do more with your glasses than with you. If you’re experiencing any of the above warning signs, it might be time to look into a new pair of glasses.

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