4 Marketing Tips From the World’s Best Brands

If you want to supercharge your business growth in 2021, you will need to up your digital marketing game. It is no longer sufficient to have a customer newsletter and the occasional banner ad on Google.

Instead, successful businesses in 2021 are leveraging a range of digital tools and trends to successfully implement multi-strand product marketing to engage audiences in a hyper-targeted manner.

If this all sounds like a lot for your small business to pull off, don’t panic. Instead, read these four examples of absolutely stellar content marketing from some of the best brands in the game right now. 

1. Lyft Turns Customers into Digital Marketers 

When it comes to successful online marketing, the global ridesharing platform Lyft has plenty of form. One of the most successful marketing campaigns launched by the company in recent years is its referral system. Lyft knew from the start that it would not be able to compete with Uber on its own terms.

Therefore, it leveraged its greatest asset, its loyal customer base, to tilt the scales in its favor. Its referral system gives automatic and lucrative free rides and credits to any existing user who refers their friends to the service. This tactic has worked stunningly well. 

2. Dominos and Cross-Platform Infrastructure

Domino’s has proven itself to be savvier than most established takeout companies in leveraging new platforms and technologies to attract younger demographics. When it comes to its branding, one of the most effective strategies it has mastered in recent years is targeting specific platforms and infrastructures, rather than focusing solely on messaging.

This is the ethos behind Domino’s successful AnyWare Campaign, in which it has partnered up with Alexa, Twitter, Slack, Google Home, and WhatApp to provide in-platform, no-click ordering to anyone in the world. 

3. VirgoCX Keeps it Simple 

Now let’s focus on a somewhat smaller brand. The Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform VirgoCX has mastered the art of using a simple message and call-to-action to compel new customers and reel them in.

If you want to know how to sell ethereum, VirgoCX tells you exactly how to do it via its sleek landing page in about five sentences, ending with a compelling signup link that it is almost impossible not to click. This is the sales funnel done right. 

4. Amex Authority 

If you want to stand at the top of your industry, you need to position yourself as an authority on the product or service that you are trying to sell. American Express realized this early on, which is why so much of its digital marketing is focused on conveying the image of AmEx as a leader in business and finance.

The apex of this strategy can be found on AmEx’s Open Forum, which is an online community filled with content created by the biggest names in business, finance, banking, and marketing, all sharing their wisdom and plugging AmEx while they’re at it. 

More Marketing Insights from the World’s Best Brands 

If the best brands in the world have taught us anything, it’s that the power of clever digital marketing can take your business anywhere you want it to go. For more essential marketing insights from the world’s most innovative brands, make sure to consult our expertly curated Social Media section today. 

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