4 Keys to VA Loan Approval

A VA loan is a mortgage made possible through a program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA loans are accessible to current and retired military members and their families. The federal government guarantees these loans, but they originate from private lenders. The majority of VA loans get funding in 40 to 50 days, which is industry typical regardless of the source of financing. The following are four critical recommendations for obtaining approval for your VA loan.

1.Determine and Prove your eligibility

Loan eligibility is a collection of criteria used by financial institutions to determine a customer’s ability to obtain and repay a specific loan amount. It is essential to demonstrate to anybody giving you money that you will manage to pay the loan according to the conditions and time of the agreement. The only way to determine for certain if you qualify for a VA home loan is to acquire your certificate of eligibility. While honorably discharged soldiers are unquestionably qualified, more veterans may benefit from the VA home loan program.

You may qualify if you have served at least six years in the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserves. A qualified veteran’s surviving spouse who died as a consequence of a service-connected disability may qualify.

The VA will provide you a certificate of eligibility if you visit a regional VA facility, send it by mail, or request it online. If you’re unsure if you qualify, obtaining your certificate of eligibility will confirm your status. To ensure that you are eligible for a VA loan, you must demonstrate your eligibility to your lender.

2. Be informed

Make contact with a reputable VA loan officer and get a thorough knowledge of the VA loan procedure. Assemble information and bear in mind that you are under no obligation. Speak with a loan officer to determine your eligibility and possible monthly payments. A loan officer can provide critical guidance on your home search and financing options. A loan officer is well-versed in financing alternatives, payment plans, and contract wording.

You may learn more about the conditions of VA loans by visiting websites such as, which connects you with competent and accredited experts. You will also need homeowner’s insurance, so call several insurance brokers to get estimates on the cost of an insurance policy. Being informed about the whole loan procedure will improve your chances of acceptance.

3. Maintain a good credit review

Credit analysis evaluates a borrower’s creditworthiness by measuring the lender’s risk of loss. Lenders assess credit risk using three factors: the likelihood of default and losing in the event of default. According to different estimates, the majority of credit reports issued today include errors. These errors may be minor, such as misspelling your name or entering an incorrect prior address. Larger errors may include inaccurate information indicating that a collection account does not belong to you or that someone else’s accounts appear on your report. You need to ensure that your credit report is accurate and appealing to the lender. Be sure to eliminate all the errors present to increase your loan approval chances.

4. Cut off unnecessary expenditure

Avoid making any big unnecessary and luxurious purchases. When you’re ready to use your VA home loan advantage to purchase a house, eliminate everything else that contributes to your existing debt burden. Your credit record will reflect a credit inquiry when you get new credit shortly before applying for a VA loan. If you believe your credit scores may be a problem, refrain from applying for new credit until after your loan has closed.

Additionally, extra debt will affect the amount of money you may borrow via a VA loan. The more the consumer debt, the lower the mortgage approval rate. By your spending habits, you demonstrate to your lender that you are a responsible money manager and that you are deserving of the loan due to your ability to account for the value of money.

The primary advantage of the VA loan is that eligible Veterans may buy a home without making a down payment. This significant benefit enables Veterans and military members to purchase houses without saving for the usual lump-sum payment. Follow the above tips to increase your VA loan approval chances. There’s a guarantee of positive results if you adhere to the four tips above.

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Last modified: July 20, 2021

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