4 Incredible Food Industry Innovations

We consume food to survive, but it is also one of life’s biggest pleasures. However, when it comes to the industry itself, we know little about it other than what ends up on our plates. In a world in which climate change is coming to the forefront of people’s minds, the food industry is up there when it comes to innovation. There is also the question of ethics and what we consume, and so the industry is always looking at ways to overcome these problems. Here are 4 incredible food industry innovations.

Biodegradable Packaging

Packaging is one of the leading causes of waste and pollution. Unfathomable amounts of plastic are used each year, especially in the food industry where products have to be kept in a certain way to maintain our ability to eat them safely. This is why biodegradable packaging has become more popular. Being able to dispose of packaging without harming the environment and living habitats of animals and fauna is a top priority. Packaging made from the shells of fish is one example of innovation which solves the problem of disposing of the shells and produces biodegradable solutions for packaging.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens are starting to spring up as more and more people use the convenience of mobile apps to order food. These kitchens exist solely to prepare food and lack any kind of dining area or the ability to walk in. Not only does this cut down on the costs of employing staff, it also cuts down the use of energy and allows the kitchen to focus only on preparing food for delivery which improves its quality. Previously, diners were the priority and food ordered for delivery often arrived cold or poorly prepared.


The use of chromatography has allowed manufacturers to measure the quantity of vitamins and nutrients which are present during food processing. The depletion of vitamin C indicates that other nutrients will also be depleted and so, through the use of Glass Chromatography Columns, this can be monitored. Food can then be fortified with nutrients and vitamins if necessary, ensuring that the food we eat is rich in the essentials we need.

Lab-Grown Meat

The treatment of the animals we consume is an ethical problem which has always plagued the food industry. It is no secret that animals are not always kept in the best conditions, and as awareness grows, along with people switching to more plant based diets, efforts have been made to find an alternative. Lab grown meat would be a solution to this problem as it would not involve the killing of any animals, but it would also benefit the environment as traditional farming produces large amounts of greenhouse gases.

Innovation in the food industry is often related to the actual food produced and recognition given to the chefs who produce a final product. However, the scientific and business areas of the food industry are also at the forefront of innovation and they are finding ways to protect the environment and produce food which is healthy and nutritious.

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Last modified: November 1, 2021

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