3 Types of Memorial Plaque Materials

Losing someone you deeply cared about can be incredibly painful. As people grieve, a lot of emotions and good memories tend to come up. One way that helps us cherish these memories and hold them close for eternity is by getting a memorial plaque. 

A memorial plaque is an excellent way of paying tribute to a loved one after they pass on. A plaque is a plate attached to a fixture with inscriptions honouring the life of someone who has passed away. 

A plaque will typically have the name of the deceased, followed by a sentimental message. They are also commonly used as an alternative to a headstone. 

With many types of plaque materials to choose from, this article seeks to highlight the three common materials used to make memorial plaques. See more here if you want to see some memorial plaques samples.

Different Types of Memorial Plaques

Wood, stone, and metal are the most common materials that you’ll come across as you shop for an ideal memorial plaque. This is perhaps because wood and stone were more practical in crafting memorial plaques for most people when plaques became more frequent. But some members of the elite and ruling class made plaques from precious metal. 

Let’s take a closer look at these three materials:

  1. Stone Memorial Plaques

Stone memorial plaques are placed almost exclusively in an outdoor area. Limestone, granite, marble, and quartzite are the most common materials used to make stone memorial plaques. 

Granite, however, is highly preferred since it’s widely available, the most durable, and costs the least. On the other hand, marble has a glossy appearance but doesn’t last as long as granite. Limestone is the least popular of all and is available in a light beige colour.  

  1. Metal Memorial Plaques

Most metal plaques are made from either aluminium or bronze. However, you will find various metallic plaques in the form of silver, gold, and even brass. 

Bronze and aluminium are famous because they are well suited for outdoor settings. The material requires little maintenance and is not prone to weather elements. But bronze will get darker with time as a result of gradual oxidation. 

It goes without saying that gold and silver metal plaques are the most expensive. 

  1. Wooden Memorial Plaques

Wooden plaques are better than metal and stone plaques when placed in interior spaces. An engraving laser is used to make engravings into the material. 

However, don’t be surprised to find most engravers still using printmaking, a more traditional approach to making inscriptions. An engraver will print an image on the wood with printmaking and then carve it out by hand using a chisel. 

How to Best Choose a Memorial Plaque

When choosing an ideal material for your plaque, you must factor in the location where the plaque will be placed and what you’ll be using it for. 

Will it serve as a headstone? Do you want it hanging on your living room wall? For how long do you want the plaque to last? 

The message you’re trying to convey will also affect your material of choice. For instance, if the deceased had a special place in your life, you may want to commemorate their life with an elegant plaque. 

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Last modified: May 22, 2021

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