3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers for Your Court Case!

When you have criminal charges leveled against you, the first and most crucial step is to get yourself a criminal defense lawyer. Picking an excellent criminal defense counsel cannot be overstated, as the outcome of your case will very well depend on their expertise. 

For this reason, you need to make sure you do enough research to find out all you can about your prospective lawyers. Only then should you sign a retainer agreement and start preparing your defense. 

The best way to interview your attorney to see if they are a good fit for you is to prepare questions and ask them in person. So, read more to know three questions you can ask Philadelphia criminal lawyers who you would like to represent you.  

  1. Do You Have a Background in Cases Like Mine? 

Just because a criminal lawyer is legally practicing in Philadelphia doesn’t mean that they are ideal for you.  

A lawyer who’s handled cases similar to yours before knows how best to approach your case as well as what works and what won’t. They’ll already have a proven strategy to apply to your case. 

An attorney who’s never been on a similar case will basically be ‘learning as they go,’ which is the last thing you want. A ‘tried and tested’ lawyer should be able to prepare you for your trial adequately.  

  1. In Your View, What Is the Likely Result of My Case? 

A defense lawyer who has experience with cases like yours should be able to tell you the likely outcomes to expect. They will also tell you what strategies they intend to use to give you the best shot at a favorable outcome. 

However, look out for lawyers who assure you of a particular outcome. Any lawyer who guarantees they’ll win the case probably wants to string you along for the fees. Even if the outcome looks like it will swing in your favor, you can’t accurately predict a case’s result as there are often various factors at play. 

Instead, a good lawyer will share their thoughts about the potential outcomes based on everything available in your case. 

  1. What Is Your Legal Fee, And Are There Other Costs I’ll Be Responsible for? 

While you want an excellent lawyer with an adequate background in your type of offense, be sure that you can afford them. So, make sure all the fees and expenses are open right from the beginning. Ask about the legal fee, including how it will be calculated.  

Some lawyers charge per hour, which can make it difficult to predict the overall fees. Others, however, will quote a one-off figure upfront. Also, clarify if there are any other fees you’ll likely incur in the duration of the case.  

Work with Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers Who’ll Be Accessible When You Need Them

These questions should help you select the best attorney for your case. Remember, fighting criminal charges in court will be exacting and full of ups and downs. Therefore, you’ll need a lawyer who’ll be easy to reach for questions, clarifications, and progress updates. 

So, on top of other things, hire an attorney with whom you can communicate freely.  

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Last modified: June 12, 2021

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