3 Best Network Security Services for You

Imagine that you log onto your work computer one morning and you’re confronted by a screen demanding a ransom of tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay, you won’t be able to access your computer and its files.

What can you do? 

The answer lies in prevention. If you want to ensure that you never encounter this scenario or one like it, you need to use a network security service. 

Keeping your network safe is vital and this guide is here to help. Read on and find out how to stay secure!

1. Firewalls

When we talk about using a network security service, using a firewall should be at the top of your list. These programs help to keep intruders out by regulating access to your network.

If a user wants to access the internet with a specific program, the firewall will check the program and either allow or deny it access. If you use endpoint security, you or an IT professional can also set specific rules for various programs, so you can keep it locked down.

Using the internet without a firewall is like not wearing a seatbelt when you drive somewhere. Don’t do it.

2. VPN Services

Another network security service that is essential in today’s world is a virtual private network or VPN. This is a type of program that encrypts users’ traffic, so that no matter where they are, their data is secure.

While this won’t protect you from malware, it can protect you from snoopers and hackers. When you use wi-fi in a public location, like at a coffee shop, your data can be caught and accessed by anyone else on the same network. This poses severe problems for data security.

If you log onto a VPN, the data is encrypted and transmitted in a secure tunnel before being decrypted at the other end. This means that the connection is secure and can’t be practically hacked.

3. Web Security Policies

It’s vital that you put a web security policy in place for your business. Browsing the web is a great way to get infected with malware, so your employees need to know how to do it carefully.

Writing a web security policy that includes points like “no social media access”, installing the right security programs on users’ devices, and a zero-tolerance policy on downloading unauthorized files from the web will help to keep you safer.

While you can get infected just by going to an infected website, these kinds of policies can significantly reduce your business’ risk.

The Right Network Security Service Could Save Your Business

Using the right network security service or services gives your business a huge advantage in the fight against malware and cyber attackers. For the very best security, you need to use a combination of different services. If you’re unsure of how to use them, we’d recommend outsourcing your security to a third party.

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