3 Best Investment and Network Services

There are many expert network services available but choosing the right one for you and your personal needs is vital if you wish to perform to the best of your capabilities. We’ve listed the top 3 investment network services, so you can choose what is right for you.


E*TRADE offers three computer-based and two mobile platforms that appeal to a range of investing styles and is one of the best platforms for beginners. It’ mobile apps are easy to use and are among the most thorough apps tested.

Benefits include:

  • E*TRADE paper trading capabilities are used extensively to test strategies. 
  • The paper trading site uses delayed data, meaning you won’t think you’re placing real trades.
  • For individuals with a large deposit of cash that they want to invest quickly, E*TRADE’s Prebuilt Portfolios offer a rapid pathway to the markets. 
  • You can choose from three different risk levels. These are made up of ETFs ($or mutual funds.
  • There are no fees beyond fund management costs, meaning you can enjoy your money, your way. 

Merrill Edge

Merrill Edge is difficult to beat, especially when it comes to customer service. Not only are there great resources built into Merrill Edge’s technology, especially for newcomers and for those exploring various life stages, but there is also a personality factor. You are able to sit down face-to-face with an advisor in almost any branch. 

Major benefits of Merrill Edge include:

  • Merrill Edge’s portfolio analysis tools allows clients to gain deeper insight into how their assets are working for them. 
  • It is possible to import accounts held at other financial institutions for a more complete financial picture.
  • Merrill Edge offers top-notch proprietary and third-party research capabilities geared for fundamental investors.

TD Ameritrade

The final investment and network service worth of note is TD Ameritrade. As one of the largest online brokers, their priority is finding brand new investors, with the aim of making it easier for them to get started. 

TD Ameritrade is also very welcoming in terms of test driving the platform without making a commitment. You are able to open an account and investigate without making a deposit. This means no commitment, with the advantage of all the learning opportunities until you’re comfortable putting money down. 

Benefits of TD Ameritrade include: 

  • Accessibility. New investors are offered education through a thoroughly designed guide, showcasing basic investment concepts. This means you can move onto more advanced strategies as you begin to grow. 
  • Personability. The in-person education that TD Ameritrade offers at nearly 300 locations means you can learn first-hand, in person, and from someone who really knows their stuff. 
  • Training. TD Ameritrade offers nine hours of live programming, in addition to on-demand content and industry expertise. 
  • The mobile app is well-designed, built with the intention of giving customers a simple one-page experience that will be easily understood by a younger, tech-savvy audience. 

Whatever service you opt for, it is essential that you always weigh up the pros and cons, ensuring you understand which company best suits you and your personal, individual requirements.

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