10 Tips to Find a Good Dentist That Will Treat You Right

In 2020, there were 201,117 registered dentists which shows that competition is rife.

Finding a reputable dentist is crucial because you want to feel comfortable, receive a high-quality treatment, and know you’re in safe hands. Perhaps you’re eager to find a good dentist but you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds familiar? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 tips to help you. 

1. Know the Type of Dentist You Need

On your quest to find a good dentist, start by deciding which specialist you need. If you need a regular check-up then contact a general care dentist but if you need a particular type of treatment, consider this in your search.

For instance, endodontics perform special procedures like root canal whereas orthodontists are concerned with misaligned teeth. And periodontists specialize in gums and jaw structure whereas prosthodontics create artificial teeth. Knowing which specialist you must see will streamline the search. 

2. Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations 

Before Googling “implant dentist near me“, reach out to family and friends for recommendations.

Ask loved ones what they liked about the dentist and the type of treatment they had done. It’s wise to find someone who has had the procedure you need so you get detailed, honest feedback.  

You should also ask your local dentist school for recommendations. The dental community is small so students will likely suggest a newly qualified dentist or know a reputable one you can visit. You can even book an appointment at the dental school. And don’t worry about them being students, as there’s always a licensed dentist present to oversee the procedure. 

3. Check Online Reviews 

Not sure how to find a good dentist?

Check out reviews on the official website, Google, and other social media pages. Focus on detailed comments so you learn about the person’s experiences with the dentist. But be wary of overly positive or negative reviews, especially if they’re vague, because they could be fake. 

And don’t forget to check out the dentist’s website. Check whether they have proof of excellence displayed or if they’ve got any awards in a specific area of dentistry. 

4. Consider Your Dental Insurance 

The next step on how to pick a good dentist is to consider your insurance. The site should have a list of healthcare providers which will narrow down your search. 

You can even ask your physician as they likely have patients who have visited a dentist in the area. Plus, exceptional dentists will have a good reputation in the medical community. 

5. Think About Convenience 

Enter “good dentist in my area” into Google to find a convenient office. We all lead hectic lives so find a dentist who lives locally so you can quickly pop in for an appointment.   

Further, ask about the opening hours because if you’ve got a busy schedule then it’d be handy to visit a dentist who is open later or on the weekend. 

6. Visit the Office 

Next on our “finding a good dentist guide”, you must visit the office to determine whether it’s right for you. During your visit, check whether the office is clean, organized, and they have up-to-date technology. 

If you’re worried, ask for a tour so you can assess the cleanliness of the practice before committing to treatment. Note, you should always trust your gut, if there’s an aspect of the dental office that is making you uncomfortable it’s best to continue your search. 

7. Get to Know the Staff

During the tour, note how the staff behaves. Because they’re partners in your dental care, they must be kind, courteous, and warm so you feel comfortable there.

You should also consider how they handle your private dental record and if you’re looking for a pediatrist, how they treat kids. 

8. Ask About the Dentist’s Qualifications

It’s important to ask about the dentist’s qualifications so you know they have adequate experience. You should also ask to see their certifications, proof they’re part of dental associations, and whether they’re specialized in a certain area. 

You should also consider how long the practice has been open and whether they participate in training so they stay updated with the latest dental advancements.  

9. Prepare Questions to Ask 

Don’t be afraid to ask the dentists any questions. For instance, if you’re nervous about visiting the office, ask whether they offer any relaxation techniques to calm nerves.

You should also ask how busy the practice is and whether there’s a fee if you miss an appointment. Further, ask about the type of dental technology they use and the payment plans they offer.

Reputable dentists will happily answer any questions and if they’re not, keep looking so you find one with the right expertise. You should also consider how you feel in their company. It’s important that you feel comfortable and you trust them to take care of your oral health. 

10. Check Whether the Dentist Handles Emergencies 

Dentists should help those in an emergency, so ask whether they offer this service. You should also ask how you can reach them if this happens outside of office hours.

Many practices have a special number so ask for this and find out the normal response time should a problem arise.

That’s How to Find a Good Dentist

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to find a good dentist.

Once you know the treatment you need, ask loved ones for recommendations and check online reviews. You should factor in your dental insurance policy, convenience, and whether they have the right qualifications. And don’t be afraid to ask questions to put your mind at ease. Happy hunting!

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