10 Things to Evaluate while Selecting a Pre-Primary School in Nashik for Your Child

Early childhood education is an important part of any child’s life. As children become of the right age, schooling helps them to acquire basic knowledge, be socially bold and lay the foundation for higher education. As majority of the parents are working nowadays, preschools in Nashik are becoming popular as kids are allowed to play all day long while they get adjusted to peers and become self-confident in a safe and close environment. This early learning program has an important impact on a child’s emotional and social upbringing. Hence it becomes vital that you choose the right playschool for your child.

So, here are few things one needs to evaluate while choosing a nursery school in Nashik.

Know your child: One should know the capabilities, needs, issues and any concern areas of the child before opting for a nursery school. A well-informed instructor and the right kind of learning tools will help in identifying weaknesses and enhancing the strengths of your child.

Location: The location of the school is quite important. As most parents are working, children must be able to keep up with the timings of the school. So, a preschool in the vicinity makes sense. 

Safety first: When you are looking for a pre-primary school in Nashik, ensure that it’sequipped with best-in-class CCTV security and fire alarm systems. It will be wise to visit the pre-primary school campus and verify if the school has Fire safety protocol, security staff, child-friendly class materials, classroom structures, and pick & drop facilities.

Curriculum: A child at this age is eager to learn and explore, hence it is important to check if the preschool is having a balanced education program with a free and fun environment. One can check if there are any periodic assessments to know the progress of the child.

The teachers: Qualified and well-experienced teachers are a necessity of any pre-primary school. Since they will be engaging your child in different activities while taking care of them, it is important to visit the school and interact with the faculty. 

Cleanliness: Children deserve a hygienic and healthy environment to enhance their learning capacity. Playschools in Nashik are having a high emphasis on clean classrooms and toilet areas. If the school offers food, then it is important to check the food quality and cleanliness of the kitchen.

Extra-curricular activities: A pre-primary school is not all about academics, but it’s more of play and less of studies. The school program should not be a burden on children, and they should have ample time to play, engage in other activities like painting and mingle with others.

Fees: While all facilities may appeal to you, but there is one thing that can make you rethink your decision, which is the school fees. Schools today are equipped with ac classrooms and provide robust facilities, hence the fees charged by them may be on a higher side. Know all the costs involved before applying, as one should avoid spending too much on a nursery schooland save up for the expenses that may arise while applying for a primary school. 

Parent reviews: One of the best ways to get detailed information is to interact with parents of the current students of the school. Ask them about their experiences, or any tall promises made. This will add to your evaluation of the preschool.

Facilities: Preschools in Nashik are popular due to their clean and child-friendly facilities. The school is a playground for your child, where he will learn while playing. Hence one can ensure that the school provides all the necessary tools to the children for their comprehensive growth. So, going by the above points, you must be well versed with the facilities, benefits and other important factors before you apply for a pre-primary school in Nashik. 

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Last modified: March 19, 2021

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