10 Qualities of a Good Letting Agent

Are you looking for your chance to become a property landlord? If you prefer to let your property and receive the income, you’ll need to hire an expert to help. Here are the 10 qualities of a good letting agent.

1. They Have the Correct Certifications

When contacting letting agents in London, you first need to make sure they have the right qualifications for the job. These should be listed on their website. You can also check the web to make sure they are fully licensed and have a clean history. Doing so will save you a good deal of time and trouble.

2. They Are Easy to Talk To

The letting agent that you deal with should be easy to talk to. They should be quick to answer and even anticipate all of the most important questions that you have. Their personality should be accommodating, never condescending.

3. They Should Be Easy to Reach

The letting agent that you deal with should be easy to get in touch with. You may have questions, comments, or concerns that suddenly occur to you. An issue may arise that you need to communicate in a hurry. The number your agent left you should lead straight to them and they should pick up soon to talk to you.

4. They Like to Move a Deal Along

No one wants to deal with a letting agent that drags their feet when it comes to closing a deal. You want to choose an agent that is prepared to be proactive. The more they do to close a deal on your behalf, the more valuable they will be to you. It always helps to go the extra kilometre.

5. A Good Agent Listens to You

Another top quality of a good letting agent is that they will listen to you. They will usually have heard your concerns before and know just how to answer them. Even if they haven’t, they will listen, reassure you, and then look for a viable solution.

6. They Are Anxious for a Good Deal

Letting agents work on commission. The better your deal is, the more they will also make. A smart letting agent knows that they need to get you the very best deal.

7. Good Agents Know the Area

A good letting agent knows the area you want to have your property in. They know what property values, rents, tenant behavior, and other factors are in the area. Be sure to ask a few questions that will let them establish their local knowledge.

8. They Know How Much You Can Spend

A reliable letting agent knows what your budget is. They know exactly how much you can spend. They know how much extra you can afford if the deal is too good to pass up. But they also know how high you are willing to go and what your limits are. A good letting agent will never try to push past those limits.

9. They Know Your Time Frame

A reliable letting agent knows how long of a time frame you have to make a deal in. They will do their best to make sure that a deal is reached within the time limits that you have set. If you are not in a hurry, they can give you realistic advice to wait a while if the market is not good at the moment.

10. They Know What Your Motivations Are

A good letting agent knows why you want to acquire a property. They know if you want to keep the area as an investment or whether you want to let it for a while and then move on. The decisions that they make will be based directly on your stated motivations.

The Time to Hire an Agent is Now

If you are serious about hiring a letting agent, the time to do so is now. This will be the fastest and most cost-effective way to get the property you are looking for. A reliable letting agent knows the area, knows the property values, and knows how to get you the deal you want to sign.

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Last modified: July 20, 2021

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