10 Interesting documentaries to watch on Netflix

This article highlights exciting documentaries that could help us lead more sustainable and better lives. They are absolutely worth watching. All in mixed—From the latest must-see “Seaspiracy” to documentaries devoted to the financial world or meat consumption, you will find the most exciting documentaries on Netflix.

Many of us particularly like to pass the current time in the prevailing lockdown on the couch while listening to exciting Netflix content. Not only are the scariest horror films in demand, but also mini-series and heartbreaking flicks. For interesting food for thought or just a relaxing evening on the couch, Below are ten exciting documentaries on Netflix that could change your life and your thinking in 2021.

1. What the Health

You will be at least as shocked after the following documentation: We are talking about “What the Health?”. It looks at malnutrition, obesity, and its consequences for the American population. Anyone who until now believed that the food and pharmaceutical industries had an interest in their consumers’ health will be taught better in this must-see and will quickly notice the financial power behind the corporations.

2. Cowspiracy

If you have been consuming meat until now without any sense, you will probably reconsider after this documentary. Because in “Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret,” Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn reveal that our environment is most damaged by meat consumption and why it is hardly talked about. 

3. Blackfish

Sales losses of up to 84 percent and severe damage to the image resulted from this documentation for the American amusement park SeaWorld. Because the CNN documentary reports on the condition of the orca whales, their attitude, terrifying incidents, and even the murder of a trainer in the amusement park, you will surely think twice about your next visit to the zoo.

4. Seaspiracy 

The Netflix documentary “Seaspiracy: How man destroys the seas” is currently highly hyped. Shocking pictures taken by Ali and Lucy Tabrizi illustrate the threat to which humans are exposed to the oceans. Illegal fishing, overfishing, pollution, and inhumane working conditions, as well as cruel fishing methods are exposed. The documentary offers a new perspective on the sea and the climate.

5. The True Cost.

Who shouldn’t miss this documentation? A real fashionista who can hardly save themselves from the bad purchases in their wardrobes. Because the documentary tells of the “real price” that other people, instead of consumers, pay for the development of fast fashion and clothing items at bargain prices, which has nothing to do with the financial value.

6. Going Clear.

With the help of this must-see, we get exclusive insights into the otherwise mysterious craft of Scientology Prison. Faith and religion as a vast business are negotiated here, and former members, who provide both informative and emotional insights into the sect, which once also fell victim to actress Leah Remini, known from “King of Queens”.

7. Inside job

Anyone who shines in front of their friends with knowledge of the latest financial crisis from 2008 or simply wants to know which criminal machinations and crazy speculations led to the collapse of stock market values ​​and which are common in the financial industry can turn on “Inside Job” on Netflix.

8. Betting on Zero

Got a taste for finance? We immediately add the informative documentary “Betting on Zero,” in which the speedball system is exposed, which drove people to ruin and robbed them of all dreams and future opportunities. 

9. A Plastic Ocean

The journalist Craig Leeson actually wanted to investigate the blue whales in his documentary. In his research, however, he had to deal with tons of plastic in the vast ocean, which led him to examine the world’s oceans in twenty different places where they are terribly polluted due to our consumption. A documentary that everyone should watch to question their own way of life. 

10. Icarus

Even if it is no secret that doping scandals repeatedly shake professional sport, you will see it with different eyes after this documentary’s story. Icarus delivers extraordinary impressions and lets you experience firsthand the Russian fraud scandal that led to the nation’s athletes being excluded from the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

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