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Data learning skills can revolutionize your career. But unfortunately, big work doesn’t just fall from the sky as soon as you master Python or R, SQL, and other technical skills needed. Finding work requires time and effort. Finding the right work requires time, effort and knowledge.

The purpose of this career guide is to arm you with that knowledge, so you can spend your time efficiently and end with the data science career you want. The first step is to find out what your career you really want. Where can your new data science skills take your career? Which road is right for you? Answering these questions must be the first step in the course of your science work. And even though the answer might be clear, it’s good to take the time to investigate deeper and truly explore all your potential options. That’s what we will do in this article. In particular, we will see several different work titles and descriptions that might be the option for you if you want to switch careers. We will also see options that you might not think of: goelance and use data science in your current position.

Switching Careers: What work titles are available in data science?

The first step in any job search is to identify the type of work you have to look for. In the field of data science, this will be complicated quickly, for several reasons:

1. There is no universal definition of “data scientists” or “data analyst” which each company agrees, so that different positions with the same title may require a different set of skills

2. There are a large number of commonly used work titles that involve data science work that you might not find if you are only looking for the role of “data analyst” or “data”.

Obviously, we cannot discuss any potential work titles that can be used by the company, but we can talk about several major roles in data science data, how they are different, and your career development in the field if you are back in that role.

Note: Below, we use the average salary data from indeed for each position, based on data A.S. Obviously, salaries will vary based on location, company, and based on your own level of expertise and experience level, so it is possible best to treat these numbers as a rough guideline. They were last updated on September 9, 2020.

The top three: data analyst, data scientists, and data engineers

Data analyst

Average salary: $ 75,068 (plus an average of $ 2,500 annual cash bonus)

What is data analysts? This is usually considered the position of “entry-level” in the field of data science, although not all junior and salary data analysts can range.

The main job of data analyst is to see company or industry data and use it to answer business questions, then communicate the answer to other teams in the company to be followed up. For example, a data analyst may be asked to see sales data from a recent marketing campaign to assess its effectiveness and identify strengths and weaknesses. This will involve accessing data, it may clean it, do some statistical analysis to answer relevant business questions, and then visualize and communicate the results.

Over time, data analysts often work with various different teams in a company; You can work on a one-month analytics marketing, then help CEOs using data to find reasons the company has grown next. You will usually be given a business question to answer rather than being asked to find its own interesting trends, because data scientists often, and you will usually be assigned with mining insights from data rather than predicting future results with engine learning.

Skills needed: Specific varies from position to position, but in general, if you are looking for data analyst roles, you want to feel comfortable with:

 Intermediate data science programming in Python or R, including the use of popular packages

 Intermediate SQL queries.

 Data cleaning

 Data visualization

 Probability and statistics

 Communicate complex data analysis clearly and can be understood to people without statistics or background programming

Career prospects: Data analyst is a broad term that includes various positions, so your career path is quite open. One of the next general steps is to continue to build your data science skills – often focusing on machine learning – and work towards the role of data scientists. Or, if you are more interested in software development, data infrastructure, and help build complete data pipes, you can work towards positions as data engineers. Some data analysts also use their programming skills for transition to the role of developers who are more common.

If you stick with data analysis, many companies hire senior data analysts. In larger companies with a data team, you can also think of working towards the management role if you are interested in developing management skills.

Data scientist.

Average salary: $ 121,674 (plus stock options)

What is data scientist? Data scientists do many of the same things as data analysts, but they also usually build machine learning models to make accurate predictions about the future based on past data. A data scientist often has more freedom to pursue their own ideas and experiments to find attractive patterns and trends in data that may not be thought of by management.

As a data scientist, you may be asked to assess how changes in marketing strategies can affect the line of your company. This will require a lot of data analysis work (obtain, clean, and visualize data), but it may also require buildings and train machine learning models that can make reliable future predictions based on past data.

Needed skills: all the necessary skills from data analysts, plus:

 Strong understanding of machine learning methods supervised and unattended

 Strong understanding of statistics and the ability to evaluate statistical models More programming skills related to sophisticated science in Python or R, and potentially familiarity with other tools such as Apache spark hire interview questions.

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