10 Best Places to Buy Vintage Moroccan Rugs Online in 2021

Rugs make a room look spacious and add texture to any area you keep them. They are valuable and the most aspiring investments in house decor. From affecting the color sense to changing the mood of the room, rugs can uplift any space.

What you should know is that rugs aren’t solely to increase the beauty of your space. They can help you keep warm, add more color to the floor, reduce noise, etc. So, read on to learn the best places to buy rugs and how vintage rugs are different than transitional area rugs.

Vintage-style rugs can complement antique furniture, enhance the outlook of fixtures, and, more importantly, add a sense of uniqueness to your space. So, if you want to buy the vintage rug of your dreams, you don’t have to go to expensive interior décor dealerships or dusty old carpet/rug shops.

Our list of the top 10online sites will help you select from a range of exemplary vintage Moroccan and other types of rugs for your house or any other space.

Are Vintage Moroccan Rugs worth It?

What makes vintage Moroccan rugs worth your time, investment, and care? Well, the quality of the rugs is the right answer. From designing and weaving to sitting in your house’s living room, a Vintage style Moroccan rug presents the quality of the utmost level.

Vintage Moroccan rugs comprise natural fabrics and thread and do not involve the use of automated or manual machinery. With better material and more time to complete, Vintage Moroccan rugs can be quite expensive. Common materials for Moroccan rugs include cotton and wool.

Using high-quality fabric material, professional Moroccan rug craftsmen create luxurious vintage-style rugs. Did you know that the number of knots per inch on the carpet is directly proportional to its value, quality, and uniqueness? Below are some of the best online places to visit in search of the best vintage-style rugs (especially Moroccan and Turkish).

10 Best Places to Purchase the Best Vintage Moroccan Rugs Online

1.      Revival Rugs

Revival Rugs is one of the first places to check for your vintage-style Moroccan rug needs. This online house of rugs has a large variety to offer. Along with amazing search criteria, you can narrow down the selection of your vintage Moroccan rug to size, color, shape, design, and so on.

Take a look at their vintage Moroccan rug collection to learn more. You might finally be able to get the rug of your dreams here.

2.      Maven Collection

Maven Collection is the name of authenticity and originality in vintage-style Moroccan rugs. They source the material for their vintage Moroccan rugs from ethical sources, and every piece is handmade, reflecting the skills of artisans from around the world.

Maven Collection has a variety of unique Moroccan and Vintage rugs in different colors, sizes, shapes, styles, designs, etc. So, make sure your chosen rug complement’s your home’s decor.

3.      The Gardener’s House

The Gardener’s House was previously the ‘Pink Rug Co.’ that provides unique Vintage style rugs. The amazing range of Moroccan rugs from The Gardener’s House is timeless with the modern minimalist house décor styles. Take a look at the brand’s remarkable range of Moroccan rugs to suit the space in your house.

4.      Etsy (MelekCarpetOnline)

Etsy is the one-stop-shop for all antique rugs lovers across many countries and regions. They provide vintage handmade rugs and carpets at affordable to premium rates. With thousands of products in their range, you are sure to find the perfect Moroccan vintage-style rug of your dreams.

5.      Merak Rugs

Merak Rugs offers an outstanding collection of all-Vintage and Kilim rugs that will leave you in awe.Merak rugs source their rugs from the authentic and handmade craftsmen of Anatolia. The natural rugs form the base of the main collections of Merak Rugs and, therefore, should be one of your prime choices when searching for Vintage-style rugs or transitional area rugs.

6.      Chairish

Chairish is one of the best places to get your desired vintage-style rugs at premium qualities. They have thousands of different designs, colors, and all sorts of variety. Additionally, their antique rug selection is one of the best collections of rugs. However, you can also narrow down your search to the type of color, size, shape, and style of Vintage Moroccan rug that you prefer.

7.      Ambitious Home

Ambitious Home provides lovable and admirable collections of rugs and carpets. Some of their Moroccan rug collections are unique and possess mesmerizing patterns and designs. Their main rug collections are hand-woven with distinctive textures and colors.What’s more, Ambitious Home provides photographs of rugs in real spaces, which let you have an idea of how practical and attractive a certain carpet will look in your space.

8.      Coco Carpets

Coco Carpets is among the most popular rug collection websites. Their gorgeous Vintage Moroccan rug optionsare something people consider, especially when they move into their new homes or choose to redecorate. Their unique selling feature is that they wash and provide maximum care to rugs before shipping to ensure that you get the carpet you want.

9.      Sister-Golden

Do you want to find an authentic and luxurious Vintage Moroccan rug collection on the internet? Well, Sister-Golden is your safe bet. With Moroccan rugs made from prime quality wool and natural dye colors, you will surely fall in love with some pieces.

10.  ABC Carpet & Home

ABC Carpet & Home is another online place to search for your desired Vintage Moroccan rug. The best thing is, you may find a variety of rugs apart from the Vintage style rugs. The transitional area rugs are some of the rugs with brilliant quality and are durable and robust. They offer suitable shipping methods at affordable rates, so you don’t have to worry about when and how your rug will arrive.


Rugs add to the aesthetic appeal and décor of any space. You can find a wide variety with a plethora of options to pick one. Extensive designs, colors, sizes, styles, and so much more makes it difficult to choose a favorite one.

However, having valuable information can serve you in identifying authentic classic vintage style rugs from reputable dealers. Otherwise, you may only be bargaining for a loss. So, take a look at the above online websites and choose the best Vintage style Moroccan rugs for your house or any other space at Eyely. Even with limited availability on some sites, the quality and uniqueness are sure to dazzle you.

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