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Rebekah Vardy slams Coleen Rooney for inviting vile trolls to bully her as she posts photo of sick messages about ‘killing her baby’

REBEKAH Vardy has slammed Coleen Rooney for inviting vile trolls to bully her after being accused of selling stories on her pal.

Pregnant Vardy sarcastically told her accuser Coleen “well-played” in a screen shot shared on Instagram, revealing trolls had wished her unborn baby dead.


Rebekah Vardy has sarcastically told Coleen Rooney ‘well-played’ as trolls wished her unborn baby dead following her story-selling accusation[/caption]

She posted one horrific message which read: “F**k you sly c**t I hope that baby dies you b***h.”

Rebekah is returning from a family holiday to Dubai to face accusations she sold stories on Coleen.

But she plans to enlist the help of a forensic IT expert to clear her name.
And the feud has taken Twitter and social media by storm, sparking the debate, should Coleen have outed Rebekah or should she have picked up the phone?

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Good Morning Britain questioned Coleen’s motives for shaming Rebekah today as Susanna Reid told viewers “I would have called”.

Coleen, who has been dubbed ‘Wagatha Christie’, hatched an elaborate plan to catch whoever was leaking her stories to The Sun.

Coleen went about her investigation in forensic detail, and followed it through for over a month.

She blocked all of her followers and allowed just one account – Rebekah Vardy’s – to see her posts as she finally came to the conclusion that her pal had leaked gossip about her.

Good Morning Britain has waded in on Coleen Rooney & Rebekah Vardy’s war

She then triumphantly unveiled her sting yesterday with a dramatic message that concluded “It’s…… Rebekah Vardy”.

The feud has taken Twitter and social media by storm but it’s sparked the debate, should Coleen have outed Rebekah or should she have picked up the phone?

Susanna, 47, mused over the news and told Ben Shephard: “There is also, would you do that? If I found out you were selling stories on me, from my personal Instagram stories account, I do think it’s a bit weird.

“I think I would probably ring you and say ‘Oi Ben’.”

Susanna Reid said ‘I would have called’ after Coleen Rooney outed pal Rebekah Vardy on social media
Kate Garraway questioned Coleens motives for going public

And Kate Garraway added: “What would she have to gain by selling stories?”

Meanwhile, The Sun revealed that Becky Vardy wept down the phone to Coleen after being accused of leaking stories about her.
She begged Wayne’s wife to believe she was not to blame.

A source said: “She pleaded but was rebuffed.”

However, Coleen told yesterday morning how she had finally “got to the bottom” of a problem troubling her for “a few years now”.

Her statement went on: “Someone who I trusted to follow me on my personal Instagram account has been consistently informing The Sun newspaper of my private posts and stories.”

She said she became suspicious of one person — so allowed only them to view her account before posting a “series of false stories”.

Coleen claimed she knew which “account/individual” was to blame when they appeared in the paper.

Checked and printed

COLEEN planted three stories to expose her leak.

Each time The Sun tried to verify the details — but she gave no comment.

Sunday, September 29: said to be in TV talks for when Wayne returns

Coleen’s response: no comment

Wednesday, October : said to be distraught at flood damage to home

Coleen’s response: no comment

Friday, August 16: linked to clinic in Mexico to choose gender of 5th child

Coleen’s response: no comment

The statement then ended on a bombshell “reveal”: “It’s . . . Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

As social media users flooded Coleen’s account with comments and memes, shocked Becky immediately rang her pal to assure her she was not behind the stories.

But minutes after putting down the phone, heavily pregnant Becky blasted Coleen on social media – and said her decision to publicly shame her was “disgusting”.

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