12yo Boy Invents Clothes Dryer Rack That Retracts Itself After Getting Scolded By Mom

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Remember how we used to rush outside to keep the laundry when the rain starts drizzling? Well, this kid invented a machine that solves that problem and you won’t believe how he got his inspiration (or will it give you deja vu?). 

According to Sinchew, the 12-year-old kid from Nanning, China invented an automated clothes dryer rack that can adjust itself based on the current weather.

Source: Sinchew

When the rain starts pouring, the clothes hanger will retract under the shade, thus preventing the laundry from getting wet. When the sun is shining again, the rack will revert to its original position. These movements are made possible by the sensors installed on the machine. It’s so clever that it can even measure the wetness of the clothes and adjust the rack accordingly!

When asked about where he got the inspiration from, the kid said,

“Once I was alone at home, my mother asked me to keep the laundry but I was too happy playing and didn’t realise it was raining outside. My mother came home and saw the laundry was wet.”

Needless to say, the Primary Six student was scolded by his mother, which in turn inspired him to start building the rack with his father and teacher. Their hard work paid off when the kid won the first place at a youth innovation competition in Guangxi, China.

Almost everyone got scolded by their mother growing up, but only this kid could come up with an invention that’s a solution, and a pretty nifty one at that! Kipidap kiddo! 


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